Twitter rolls out larger images in timeline tweets

After a period of testing, Twitter is now rolling out a new larger tweet image display format.

It means that full-sized previews of images will be shown in the timeline, instead of being cropped to fit the frame.

So what does this Twitter update mean for you?

  • Larger images mean more screen real estate to share your message. Your tweets with images might stand out more from others in the timeline. In other words, you might see improved overall engagement.
  • It might, however, mean that users don’t need to click to see the whole image. So your image clicks metrics might reduce.
  • You no longer need to resize images to get the optimum display as part of your content planning. Hurrah!
  • It will only apply to single image tweets. Your multiple image tweets will still be shown in a smaller format.

It is only available on the latest version of the app (so if you don’t have it, get updating).