Digital highlights. How digital has made 2020.

digital highlights for 2020

Digital highlights that have changed our lives this year

2020 has been pretty rubbish in general for most people. It’s certainly been like no other year I’ve ever lived through.

So when I start talking about digital highlights, you may think I’ve inhaled too much hand santiser.

We’ve all had to change how we live, work, socialise and keep up with family. That’ll be a global pandemic for you.

Our everyday life has been turned upside down. Never the less, on the whole, the world has found ways to adapt.

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9 ways to write better social media headlines today

write better social media headlines

Need some tips on how to write good social media headlines?

You don’t need me to tell you that social media is pretty important to business.

It plays a vital role in today’s marketing and communication strategy for businesses of any shape, size or industry. Or at least, it should do.

No longer are potential customers convinced by what a brand says about its products. Instead, opinions are formed by conversation and presence in social media.

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40+ creative content ideas for any business

Creative content ideas

Easy content ideas for every business (that you probably already have)

It won’t surprise you to hear that in marketing, content is king.

In other words, relevant and creative content that directly answers the question your customer is looking for online could be the thing that sets you apart from your nearest competitor.

It’s pretty common however that although we might already know this, we’re not all doing it.

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