Facebook scheduling for Stories and other updates

Facebook is adding new functionality to allow users to schedule Stories, and other updates.

So what is Facebook rolling out next?

Scheduling Stories for Facebook and Instagram

The first big one is that Facebook is launching new functionality in its newest business management platform, Business Suite.

It will allow users to compose and schedule Facebook and IG Stories within the Business Suite management app.

For a while,  brands have been able to schedule feed and video (IGTV) posts across the two apps, but Stories scheduling still wasn’t an option. This has been a frustration for social media managers, often using third-party tools or workarounds. All of which is always inferior to using a native platform. 

This latest update will therefore allow brands to automatically publish Stories for both platforms.

The update also users to save their posts as drafts, to offer greater flexibility when planning digital content.

Image credit: Facebook blog

New ways to find content

Another test that Facebook is running is to change the News Feed experience.

The idea is that users can tap on topics they’re interested in under posts and in the ads, such as beauty, fitness or clothing, and explore content from related businesses.

Facebook says, “People already discover businesses while scrolling through News Feed, and this will make it easier to discover and consider new businesses they might not have found on their own.”

These updates are currently only available in the US, but it’s never long before the UK gets a slice of the action too.

New tools to manage Facebook Pages

Meanwhile, one for us here in the UK, Facebook has updated the Page experience. Users can now manage their business Page without having to leave the Facebook app.

This change allows businesses to engage as their business profile, splitting the Page out from the personal News Feed. Previously, a manager would have to manually switch to the profile that is was commenting, posting or liking as.

The new dedicated business News Feed means that businesses can save time, and have clearer task-based permissions for admins.

New ad types

Facebook is introduing new optimisation goals for ad campaigns and other features across Lead Ads, Call Ads and Click to Messenger Lead Generations.

This change will help businesses to find more quality customer leads.

The new Conversion Leads goal for Lead Ads offers advertisers the chance to optimise for the best leads, faster, rather than the most.

Advertisers can also integrate their CRM data with Facebook.

The new optimisation goal for Call ads looks to improve performance and lower the cost of an ad.