Buy content marketing services

Quite often, I meet potential clients who are interesting in outsourcing their content marketing, but who are nervous about what that involves.

They are nervous about agreeing to a day rate. They are nervous about signing up for ongoing monthly costs. Or they don’t really know what they want.

So I thought it would be useful to offer a few bundled services to allow businesses to ‘dip their toe’ in the water, so to speak.


I will provide a written and optimised blog article ready for you to publish onto your site. Titles are agreed beforehand, any links can be incorporated, and royalty-free images will be sourced for you to use if you would like.

  • Single blog post (researched and written) – from £50
  • 5 blog post bundle – from £200

Social media content

If you already have a social media plan or campaign idea but don’t have the time to write the posts, I will do that for you. I will research your audience and competitors, and product on-brand social media posts.

  • 3 posts per week across up to 3 social channels (typical month totals 36 posts – 12 posts tailored to each network) – £120
  • 5 branded content images only (no copy) – £40
  • Facebook ad copy – charged £25 hourly or per ad copy

I will not schedule these or handle any management of the social media profiles.

Website copy

I will write your website copy to optimised standards so that it is search marketing compliant.

  • Simple site: Homepage plus 5 other pages – from £250

Email marketing copy

I will work with you to write and plan your email marketing content, and write it.

  • Single promotional email (e-shot) – £25
  • Single newsletter – £35
  • Reporting on your email (14 days post send) – £15
  • Email marketing programme (eCRM) – please email me for price

Campaign planning

I will work with you to understand your objectives, the channels available and your budget. I will then write you a campaign plan for you to execute with your marketing teams.

  • Plan only – from £50
  • Plan and content – from £150 – please email me to discuss

Other services

I can also create website product descriptions, press releases, banner adverts, editorials, advertorials, print ads etc.

For everything else, please get in touch.